Trick or Treat

© 1997 by Vada Foster


While Tarzan went to fetch another drink, Marielle made her apologies to Dolly Madison and Han Solo, saying she felt a migraine coming on and thought she should get home before it got too bad.

"Oh, Marielle, Iím sorry to hear that." Her friend Tina had been trying for months to get Marielle to go out with the new professor in the mathematics department, but after going on two blind dates set up by Tina, Marielle had learned her lesson. To shut Tina up, she finally agreed to meet Robert at Tinaís and Jackís Halloween party. He was a very nice looking guy, (and from the way he strutted around in his loincloth he was very aware of that fact), but he was a completely self-absorbed snob. All he talked about was his car (a Ferrari), the University he graduated from (Harvard), and what important people he knew (from the dean of the small college where they both were professors to a couple of minor Hollywood stars). After ten minutes of talking to the jerk, Marielle wanted to bolt from the room.

"Iíll feel better after I lie down for a while. Donít worry about me," Marielle said with a wan smile. She really didnít have a headache, but she did get migraines often enough that Tina would believe her excuse.

"What shall I tell Robert?" Tina called to Marielle as she made her way across the room.

"Tell him I said..." fuck off, she thought to herself, but aloud she said, "good bye."

"But what if he..." Tina stammered, but Marielleís back was to her, and she was moving away fast. With a shrug, Tina turned back to Han Solo, plumping up her stacks of white Dolly Madison hair.

Marielle had almost reached the hall to the bedroom where her coat and purse had been stashed when she spotted the cowboy with his elbows resting on the half-wall that separated the dining room from the living room. From where she stood she couldnít see his face, but the sight of his long denim clad legs with warn leather chaps wrapped around them made her stop short. She had a weakness for tall men, and this one was well over six feet in his snake skin cowboy boots. He wore a faded blue shirt and a leather vest to match the chaps. A dark brown hat with sweat stains around the bottom, and two six guns in holsters worn low on his hips and tied to his thighs with leather straps completed the costume. He was involved in a conversation with two other men, who seemed to be hanging on his every word.

Marielle was sure she had not seen this hunk around the campus anywhere. Intrigued, she changed her course and headed for the dining room, planning to just glance at him as she walked by to see if his front was half as stimulating as his back. Casually, she turned her head toward the cowboy as she passed him, but at that very moment the cowboy glanced in her direction and for several seconds their eyes met and held. She found herself staring into the most strikingly beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen... in the face of a woman. The woman raised one eyebrow inquisitively and smiled. Marielle smiled back, but even to her it felt half hearted. She hoped her disappointment didnít show on her face. Forgetting that she was trying to make it appear as if she had a reason for going into the dining room, she turned abruptly and resumed her course for the bedroom again.

She was digging through the large pile of coats on the bed and did not know anyone had come into the room until a deep feminine voice close to her ear said, "I hope youíre not leaving already." Startled, she jumped away from the bed and almost collided with the amazon in the cowboy outfit. The woman reached out and put a hand on each of Marielleís shoulders to steady her. "Iím sorry," she said sincerely. "I didnít mean to startle you. I figured you would have heard me." Marielle hadnít noticed that the woman was also wearing leather half-gloves until she felt the leather and soft fingers against her bare skin. She felt a ripple of excitement radiate down from those fingers and right to the cleft of her legs. Flustered, she could feel her cheeks begin to redden. Apparently recognizing her discomfort, the woman removed her hands from Marielleís arms. "I really am sorry", the woman continued. "It seems I got off on the wrong foot." She reached out her long arm and took Marielleís hand, lightly caressing the fingers even as she gave it a firm shake. "Iím Lena. Do you suppose we could start over again?"

Marielle found herself staring into Lenaís eyes, entranced. "Iím Marielle", she said.

"I would have said you were Artemis. My favorite goddess," Lena said, her eyes traveling over the costume Marielle wore. It was a soft peach colored dress gathered at one shoulder and bare on the other. A quiver with several arrows was attached by a leather strap over one shoulder, and she held a bow in her hand. Her red gold hair was piled up on top of her head, and held in place by a strip of golden ribbon. She wore sandals of pale leather with strips of the same golden ribbon criss crossed from her ankles to her calves. She looked every bit the goddess for whom she was disguised.

"Iím flattered that you recognized me," Marielle said softly, consciously controlling the quiver that crept into her voice. What in hell is wrong with me? She berated herself silently. Aloud she said, "Iíve been called everything from Cupid to Tinkerbell this evening. Apparently this crowd is not much for Greek mythology."

"Well, I have a bit of an advantage over most of them. I teach ancient languages, including Greek. And the Greek goddesses are an obsession of mine." She raised one eyebrow as if to put an exclamation point on her words. "Especially Artemis. She fascinates me." And so do you, she mused silently.

Marielleís face became animated as she listened. "Youíre Jacob Mooresí replacement, arenít you?" Lena nodded. Marielleís eyebrows knit in a small frown as she thought of her friend. "I went to his funeral. It just didnít seem possible that one day we were poring over some of his very old mythology books, and the next day he was dead. He used to tell me that the real stories of the gods and goddesses would never be found in the standard mythology texts."

"He was right. Iíd be happy to share some of my volumes with you," Lena volunteered eagerly. " I warn you, I may put a different slant on some of it than he might have, but I think youíll find it...interesting."

"I canít tell you how much Iíve missed our sessions together. It would be wonderful to get back into it again. Would you have some time tomorrow?" She tried not to sound too eager, but doubted that she was very successful. She really would like to get another viewpoint on Greek mythology. But if she were honest with herself, even more than that, she wanted to spend time with this captivating woman.

Lena sighed and shook her head. "Iím pretty booked up tomorrow. But I could blow off this party if you want to come over tonight. And you were about to leave anyway, right?"

"Yes, I was...." She stammered.

"Well, thatís it then. Is this your coat?" She pointed at the coat Marielle had dropped back onto the bed when she came into the room. Marielle nodded. Lena held the coat while Marielle slipped her arms into it. Lena bowed her head slightly, as if in the presence of royalty, a smile playing at the corners of her lips. "After you, Artemis."



"Sorry about the mess. Iím still in the process of moving in." Boxes were stacked all over the room, most of them neatly labeled. Marielle noticed the bookcases that lined one entire wall of the living room. She loved to read the titles of the books that people owned; you could learn so much about a person by the books they read.

"Is it all right if I look at your books?"

"Sure. Help yourself. Iíll just go get us something to drink. Iím kind of limited in what I have to offer. I could make coffee, or tea. I may even have a bottle of wine if youíd prefer." On her way to the kitchen, she removed Marielleís coat from her arm and hung it in a closet.

"Coffeeís fine," Marielle said, tilting her head sideways to read the titles of the books. "I donít usually drink, so I still have a bit of a buzz on from the bourbon and water I had at the party." She paused in her perusal of the books to smile at Lena. "Never mix, never worry. Isnít that what they say?"

Lena laughed. "Yes, Iíve heard that. Coffee it is. Make yourself comfortable. Iíll be back in a few minutes." Marielle nodded and began to scan the titles of the books again. Many of them were familiar; she was sure Dr. Moore had had some of the same volumes. She pulled a book out and thumbed through it, noticing that almost every page had notes in the margin written in the same neat hand that had labeled the boxes. A serious scholar, she mused. She returned the book of mythology, and her eye landed on the volume next to it. On a white cover in gold lettering the title "The Joy of Lesbian Sex" fairly jumped out at her. Glancing up to see if Lena was still occupied in the kitchen, she slid the book off the shelf. There were no notes in the margins of this volume, but it had obviously been read. She riffled the pages, and looked at the headings at the top of the sections; "Coming Out"Ö "Crushes"Ö "Fantasy". A drawing of a woman running her tongue over another womanís labia grabbed her attention. In a heartbeat, she seemed to be transported to that time in her college dorm room when she and her roommate had ended what started as a playful wrestling match with their nude bodies locked in an intimate embrace. Marielle had almost forgotten that one and only incident with a woman. Through some silent understanding, they had both simply pretended that nothing had happened. Until this evening she was very successful at suppressing the feelings that she now remembered as being some of the most sexually stimulating ones she had ever felt in her life.


Lenaís sultry voice interrupted her reverie. "How do you take your coffee?" She called from the kitchen.

"Black, please." She replaced the book on the shelf then crossed to the couch and sat down.

"My kind of woman," Lena quipped as she came through the kitchen door with two mugs of coffee. She had removed her hat, gloves, and holsters while the coffee was brewing, revealing raven colored hair that tumbled over her shoulders and halfway down her back. The contrast with her electric blue eyes was so striking Marielle could only stare.

"Really?" Marielle raised one eyebrow as Lena had done earlier. She put her foot on the edge of the coffee table, and raised her knee in the air. Her dress was a simple wrap- around, and with her leg elevated the fabric fell away, revealing a tanned well-muscled thigh. Lenaís eyes widened, and a smile played at the corners of her mouth. "What kind of woman is that?" Marielle asked teasingly. She had no idea until the words were out of her mouth that she was going to say that, and even less that she would ask it in such a coquettish fashion. What the hell are you trying to do? She chastised herself inwardly. Seduce this gorgeous woman, her wild side answered.

Lena threw back her head and laughed. "Mrs. Robinson, youíre trying to seduce me."

"Yes, I guess I am. What are my chances?" Oh, God, stop before you get in too deep, her rational mind cautioned. Shut up, the wild one chimed in. You know you want her, and you can tell she wants you. Go with it.

"Excellent." Lena placed the coffee mugs on the table. Marielleís heart began fluttering in her chest like a caged bird, as the lanky amazon skirted the table and came to a stop in front of her. "I like a woman who says what she wants. No games, no pretense." She extended her hand, and Marielle placed her own in it. Effortlessly, Lena pulled the smaller woman to her feet. She leaned down and brought her lips to Marielleís neck, barely touching her skin as she whispered. "Weíll be more comfortable in the bedroom, donít you think?"

Marielle nodded. She did not realize she had been holding her breath until she tried to speak, and the word " Yes" came out of her mouth in a rush of air. Wordlessly, Lena took her hand, and led her toward the bedroom.

Lena paused at the foot of the bed and looked at the lovely blonde nymph standing before her. She raised her hand and brushed the backs of her fingers over the swell of Marielleís breast, which caused her to gasp. Lena untied the knot that held the fabric together over Marielleís shoulder and the top of the gown fell down and pooled above the belt at her waist. She was not wearing a bra, and her firm compact breasts fairly begged for the touch of the raven-haired woman. Lena cupped a breast in each hand, running her thumbs over the hardening nipples. Gooseflesh erupted on the soft mounds. Lena ran her hands lightly over Marielleís rib cage and stomach, and could feel the muscles tighten in concert with the gasp that the smaller woman could not stop. She grasped the knot on the fabric belt that was all that was holding up Marielleís gown, and deftly untied it. She released it, and the fabric fluttered to the floor. Marielle stood before her in nothing but her briefs. Lena could feel herself getting wetter as her eyes drank in every curve and line of this gift from the gods. Hooking her thumbs in the elastic of the panties, she tugged them over Marielleís hips. She bent over to kiss the goddess, but Marielle put her fingers to her lips and stopped her.

"Uh uh," Marielle growled low in her throat. "I want to see you too." Lena moved her hands toward the snaps on her shirt, but Marielle reached out and stopped her. "Let me do it." She tugged the shirt out of the blue jeans and grasping the bottom edges, she yanked the snaps apart. She unfastened the snaps at the wrists and pulled the shirt down Lenaís long arms. Dropping the shirt to the floor, she moved her hands to the buttons on the jeans and slowly unbuttoned each one. Reaching behind the taller woman, Marielle ran her hands down the small of her back until her fingers were inside of the jeans. A little bit further and she felt the top of the panties she wore, and worked her fingers inside. She moved her hands down the soft buttocks and both jeans and panties lowered as her hands traveled downward. Realizing that Lena still had her boots on, Marielle placed her hands on the amazonís shoulders and gave her a push. When Lena fell backwards on the bed, Marielle dropped to her knees and grasped the boots. It took some doing, but she was finally able to work the boots off, then the socks, and finally the jeans and panties. Climbing up on the bed, she reached around and undid the clasps on Lenaís bra, feeling the soft warmth of Lenaís breasts against her own.

Before Marielle even knew what happened, Lena had flipped her on to her back. She pinned down the smaller woman with her body, and insinuated a leg in between her smooth thighs. "Gotcha," she whispered in Marielleís ear. She ran her tongue around the smaller womanís ear, and then lightly bit the earlobe. She kissed Marielleís neck, and could feel her pulse pounding against her lips. Lena pulled herself up so her breasts were completely covering the smaller breasts beneath her. She brought her mouth to Marielleís lips, and kissed her lightly at first, but Marielle pushed her tongue into Lenaís mouth, fanning the flames that already burned in the pit of her stomach. Marielle wrapped her arms around Lenaís back, trailing her hands up and down the soft cheeks of her buttocks. Lena groaned against Marielleís lips, and pressed her thigh against her damp mound. Marielle worked her hands as far down Lenaís long torso as she could, trying to reach the wetness she could feel against her leg. Lena paused in her kissing long enough to grasp Marielleís wrist, which she gently placed beside her.

"Uh-uh", she growled. "None of that until Iím through with you. I can only concentrate on one thing at a time, and your hands are playing hell with my concentration."

Raising her hand back up to Lenaís ass, Marielle murmured. "But I only want to feel you. I promise not to break your concentration." Her fingers crawled closer to Lenaís center, and the amazon found herself involuntarily turning toward her hand.

"Stop that," she groaned. She caught Marielleís wrist again and pinned it above her head. "Give me the other hand too," she ordered. Obediently, Marielle raised her other hand above her head, and Lena wrapped her long fingers around both wrists and held them there. Seeing the woman stretched out in such a vulnerable pose thrilled Lena. She wanted to kiss every part of her delicious body, but it would mean letting go of her hands. Then she remembered that she had several scarves in the nightstand by the bed. "Stay right where you are," she cautioned, releasing her hands and rolling to the side of the bed. Before she had the drawer open, she could feel Marielleís breasts against her back. She grabbed the scarves and turned around quickly, noticing the mischievous grin on Marielleís face.

"Sorry," she said with a laugh. "But you have the sexiest back Iíve ever seen. I couldnít help myself."

"I can fix that," Lena growled. She pushed Marielle back on the bed and grasped one arm, tying the scarf around the wrist, and then looping it around the bedpost and tying it in a knot. Then she did the same with the other arm. Once again, the sight of the blonde looking so vulnerable gave her chills. She lowered her head to Marielleís breasts, running her tongue in lazy circles around the nipples until they became hard as pellets. She kissed down the length of Marielleís body until her chin touched the curly hair on her mound. She grasped the insides of Marielleís thighs and pressed gently outward. Marielle let her legs fall open, and Lena positioned herself between her legs. She ran her tongue over the smooth skin on the inside of her thighs, and the muscles there twitched in her wake.

"Ohhh, please...." Marielle begged, raising her hips off of the bed, and encouraging Lena to touch her soft folds with her tongue.

"Patience, Marielle," Lena whispered against her thigh. She raised Marielleís hips even farther off the bed, until she could reach her buttocks with her mouth. She kissed and nibbled the soft mounds, and then ran her tongue along the divide between the cheeks. Marielle gasped again when she felt the tip of Lenaís tongue push against the tightness of her small opening. Without realizing it, her muscles tightened against the intrusion. "Relax," Lena hissed against Marielleís smooth skin. "I want to know all of you. I want you to feel me inside you, everywhere." Lena could feel the muscles dancing beneath her hands and mouth. She could feel herself grow wetter as her own body vibrated in time with Marielleís. Running her finger through Marielleís soft curls, she lubricated it with the juices that were abundant there, and then brought her hand back to the small opening. Once again the tightening muscle resisted her. "Trust me," she growled low in her throat. "Give yourself to me completely."

"I want toÖ Oh, god, more than anything. What can I..."

"Let your muscles go." She felt the blonde go almost limp. "When I push my finger into you, think about how good it feels, and relax." Lena insinuated the tip of her finger into the small opening, and there was no resistance. "Yesss," she hissed, pushing more of her finger into the tight opening. She didnít want to risk hurting her inexperienced partner, so she went in only a short way, and then withdrew to the tip of her finger, then pushed it back in again.

While her finger continued to gently probe, she brought her thumb to the folds of her loversí lips, and slid it into the warm passage. She pushed her thumb inside as far as it would go, which caused her finger to withdraw until just the tip was still inside her. Then she reversed the motion, making sure that both openings got equal attention.

Without slowing down the movements of her hand, Lena leaned down and parted the lips guarding Marielleís clit with her tongue. Marielle thought she would die from sheer pleasure from all the attention she was getting. The first touch of that marvelous tongue started the avalanche in motion that would carry her over the edge. The feeling built until she thought she would explode. Her head whipped from side to side, and she pulled against the scarves that bound her wrists, wanting to hold Lena as she came. The bindings were loose, and she was able to slip her hands out. She clutched at Lenaís shoulders, and pushed her clit into her loverís eager face.

Lena picked up the tempo when she felt Marielle begin to tremble. The smaller woman planted her heels, and pushed upward on the bed until Lena had to cling to her thighs to hold on, but she stayed with her until Marielle cried out her name, and then collapsed back onto the bed.

Keeping her fingers inside her lover, Lena moved up until she was nestled in the crook of Marielleís arm, her long leg thrown over her thigh. Marielle twined her fingers through the long dark hair on her shoulder and clung to her while her breathing returned to normal. She had never experienced such an orgasm in her life, and the wild one inside of her said told you so in a singsong voice, and then added, and if I have anything to say about it, this was just the beginning.


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