Team Players

By Vada Foster


Susan and Mark stood apart from the group, watching as their respective "partners" put the finishing touches on their packs. Frequent campers themselves, they were old hands at stowing their gear, but they had both been paired up with novice campers in this "team-building" exercise. Susan had helped her partner as much as was possible. Each team of two had been given identical lists of items that they had to put together from the supplies on the trucks. Once gathered the items had to be packed in either an "a" or a "b" pack, for reasons that had not yet been made clear to them. With six teams all working toward the same individual goals, they soon discovered that they had to establish a rhythm or else risk crashing into each other like a bunch of circus clowns. Each team of two then had to decide how to put their packs together, and Susan had finished hers in short order. She volunteered to help her teammate, but in the confines of the space allotted to them, there was really not enough room for two people to work. After bumping heads a couple of times Susan finally said, "Listen, Iím just in your way. Iíll leave you to it, shall I?" The response was a smile and a nod from her determined partner who was going to put her pack together or die trying.

Susan nudged Mark on the arm, and without appearing too obvious inclined her head in the direction of her very attractive teammate and asked softly, "What do you think? She look like family to you?"

"Wishful thinking, sister friend," Mark responded with a little laugh. "She looks like a breeder to me."

"Youíre probably right," Susan said with a shrug. "But I caught her looking at me out of the corner of my eye while we were getting all that crap together, and I swear it looked like she was looking me up and down. You know the Ďlook.í" It was a statement, not a question. Of course Mark knew; he practically specialized in the Ďlook.í

"Well honey, you have all weekend to find out where her interests lieÖfiguratively speaking, of course. And you will tell me everything that happens. Leave nothing out. Now if youíll excuse me, I think Iíll go see if my own incredible hunk is in need of my services." He ambled off in the direction of the gorgeous man he had been paired up with. Susan stayed where she was and watched her partner as she straightened up from her task. The way she was dressed reminded Susan of the scout leader in the movie "Troop Beverly Hills." Every bit of her attire was color coordinated, right down to her brand new hiking boots. And the clothes fit her as if they had been designed especially for her, clinging to every curve and displaying a fair amount of cleavage. Keeping her hands and eyes to herself would be the greatest challenge of the weekend.

Two sharp blasts of a whistle pierced her thoughts. "All right people, now listen up! Get closer, please so I donít have to shout to be heard." The facilitator, who was also one of the owners of Team Builders Inc., motioned for them to take a seat in front of him for last-minute instructions before they were taken to the drop-off point. They flocked to him like baby chicks around their mother. "Take a load off your feet. Youíre going to be doing a lot of walking the next couple of days, so take advantage of this last break." Dutifully his flock pulled out their campstools or simply sat on the ground in front of him.

"You all know that the object of this exercise is to teach you to work together as a team and to depend on each other if anything should go wrong. This isnít a race or an endurance test. Every one of you has been checked and is physically capable of completing this program." He paced up and down in front of them emphasizing his words by slapping the top of his boot with a riding crop he carried. Susan could see no reason for the crop, other than for dramatic effect. He was probably a frustrated actor. They made up about half the population of California, moving there from Kansas or Iowa and expecting to be discovered by some Hollywood director the moment they stepped off the bus. Still, the crop had a certain allure, and Susan found herself watching it and only half listening as he finished explaining what the rest of the weekend would consist of.

"Örealize that if you should become separated you must look for the person wearing the same color hat you are. Remember, thereís going to be a whole lot of you out there on the mountain, but only your teammate has the other half of your supplies." Slap! Went the riding crop on his boot. Susan realized who it was she was reminded of now: Colonel Klink from "Hoganís Heroes." She could almost see a monocle on his eye and had to bite her lip to keep from chuckling.

"Öand remember this, people, .no hotdogging and no heroes. Stick together with your "new best friend" and youíll be building a bond that could last throughout your careers. Oh, and one more thing, it looks like thereíll be rain before the night is out, so I suggest you find your spot and set up your tent as soon as possible. All right," he wrapped up his little speech with a smile and a slap on his boot. "Letís load up your gear on the trucks and the drivers will take you to your starting point." Susan got to her feet and held out her hand for her partner who grasped it in both of hers. Susan tugged her to her feet with very little effort. They hauled their heavy packs to one of the trucks and carefully hoisted them up, then climbed up after them.

Toni walked a few paces behind Susan on the mountain path that was too narrow to allow them to walk side by side. She thought again how comfortable Susan looked in her khaki shorts and well-worn hiking boots. She was willing to bet that the tall woman could handle this exercise better than any of the men who were participating, with the possible exception of Susanís friend from Information Services whose name she could not recall and maybe the hunk he was paired up with. She admired Susanís calves with her long lean muscles, unlike her own knotted calves that were the result of wearing too many high-heeled shoes. That wasnít the first thing she had noticed about Susan, however. She remembered the first meeting of the Small Appliances Team she had attended just three weeks ago when she joined the company. Then she had been under the wing of Cindy, who was soon to be departing to have her first child. Toni barely noticed anybody in that first meeting, so intent was she in taking notes about the procedures and products. After the meeting as they were walking from the conference room to their offices Cindy filled her in on the team and whom she could count on, as well as the ones she would have to constantly bug. Susan from Manufacturing Operations rated as the "top-of-the-line" knowledgeable person who could help her out with virtually anything. Cindy added almost as an afterthought, "Oh, and sheís a lesbian." The only detail about Susan Toni could recall was that she had striking blue eyes and soft brown hair that was beginning to gray at the temples.

At the next meeting, Toni made a point of noticing more about the Manufacturing Operations representative. Her clothing, while not "masculine," was certainly not what you would think of as feminine. She wore tan chinos with brown Timberland shoes and a long-sleeved button-down collar shirt. No ring adorned her left hand, but she did have a small band on the pinky of her right. Toni found herself glancing at the older woman when she was speaking to someone else, and on one occasion, Susan turned and met her gaze full on. The blue eyes were unflinching in their returning look, and her lips turned up in a sensuous smile. Flustered, Toni looked down at her Day Runner and pretended to be making notes.

The third meeting was on the Thursday before the Team Building weekend. Toni made a point of being early and took a seat where she had a clear view of the door. She put her Day Runner in front of the seat beside her to make it seem as if the person sitting there had just stepped out of the room, and when she saw Susan coming she slid it over in front of herself. Susan dropped into the chair and looked directly into Toniís eyes. Toniís first impulse was to look away again, but she held the gaze until Susan turned away in response to a question from someone on the other side of her. When she turned back again toward Toni, she held out her hand and said, "We havenít actually been introduced. Iím Susan March from Manufacturing Operations."

Toni returned the firm handshake and answered, "Antonia Brusset. Toni.," she amended, "Iím new in Marketing."

"Ah. Replacing the," she held her arms out in a circle in front of her stomach, "mother-to-be?"

"Trying to. Itís going to be tough to fill her shoes."

Susan looked under the table and said with mock seriousness, "Itís going to be harder than that. She didnít even leave them here." Toni laughed. Her smooth chocolate-colored skin had a scattering of freckles across the nose and a dimple in one cheek. Susan would have loved to keep her laughing just to see that dimple, but the Product Planner who facilitated the meeting began speaking and they were forced to pay attention to the business at hand.

It was a fluke that both women found themselves at the Team Building weekend at the same time, and a truly happy coincidence that they were paired up with each other. Susanís name was the first one drawn, and she just knew she was going to be saddled with Clara the barracuda from Cost Accounting. When Toniís name was drawn she practically cheered. Toni looked pretty pleased with the prospect as well. She flashed that dimple at Susan and winked. Susan hissed into Markís ear, "Did you see that? She winked at me!" But at that stage, Mark was still trying to think of a way to rig the selection so that he would end up with Stephen from Package Design. They had never actually met, but Mark had heard from a couple of sources that the rugged-looking guy was really a big queen. Another happy coincidence sent those two guys off together in their matching pink hats with the logo "There Is No "I" In TEAM" across the front.

Toni nearly collided with Susan; she was so busy admiring her tanned legs that she failed to notice that the taller woman had stopped. "Did you feel that?" Susan asked, holding one hand out in front of her, palm up.

"Feel what?" Toni asked.

"Raindrops. Weíd better get this tent up." She quickly scanned the area around them and saw a fairly flat clearing less than a hundred yards away. "Come on," she said as she reached out and took Toniís hand, pulling her toward the clearing.

By the time they had the tent assembled and anchored it had begun to rain in earnest. Both of them were dripping wet when they finally ducked inside the tent, pulling their packs in after them. The towels that were included in their supplies were little larger than hand towels, but they dried their hair as best they could.

"Weíre going to get chilled if we keep these wet clothes on," Toni said as she began to peel off her clothing. Susan watched for a few moments unable to truly grasp that this beautiful woman was actually stripping in front of her. When Toni was down to her bra and panties and Susan was still fully clothed, Toni asked, "Arenít you going to take off your clothes?"

The tone of her voice was innocent enough, but by the light of the Coleman lantern that caused shadows to dance over Toniís nearly naked body, Susan could see a look of something like hunger in her face. "Oh, yes," Susan said huskily.

"Since Iím so far ahead, maybe I should help you," Toni offered. Without waiting for a reply Toni grasped the lapels of Susanís shirt and yanked it open, accompanied by the sound of snaps popping apart. Toni filled her eyes with the sight of Susanís soft breasts contained inside a surprisingly feminine bra. She pulled the shirttails free from the khaki shorts and as she did her fingers brushed against the taut muscles of Susanís abdomen. Susan gasped at the touch and a shudder rippled across her stomach

"Not that Iím complaining, mind you, but isnít this moving a bit fast?" Susan asked. Toni had peeled the shirt off her shoulders and had unfastened the button on Susan shorts, but when she heard those words, she immediately withdrew her hands.

"Iím sorry," she stammered. "I was under the impression that you wanted this tooÖ."

"Oh, I do," Susan admitted. "I just thought maybe we could get to know each other a little bit first. I really donítÖtumble into bed with someone Iíve just met, no matter how attracted I am to her. Iím kind of old fashioned that way." Embarrassed, Toni pulled her damp clothing over herself and scooted as far away from Susan as she could get in the confines of the tent, which was not very far. Susan felt badly about her contribution to the awkwardness of the moment. "Listen, can we just start over? I do want to know more about youÖand I am very attracted to you." She reached down to where Toniís hands held the wet shirt over her chest and gently pried her fingers apart. Grasping the shirt, she pulled it off and tossed it to one side. "Iím sorry to have made you feel uncomfortable. I want to look at you while we talk. Is that ok?" Somewhat mollified, but still uncertain as to what she should do, Toni simply nodded. "Tell me about Antonia," Susan asked. "Where were you born? Where did you go to school? How long have you lived in California? Are you in a relationship?"

"Itís ToniÖplease. Antonia sounds stodgy. As for your questions, I was born in TrinidadÖ."

"I knew you werenít born in the USA," Susan said. "I love your accent. Itís soÖ" she searched for the right word and found it, "exotic."

"If you say so. I spent half of my life trying to get rid of it."

"I think itís sexy."

"Guess Iíd better keep it, then," Toni said smiling. "Letís seeÖoh, yes. I got my degree from Washington University in Saint Louis. I moved to California right out of college to take a job with a computer software company in the San Fernando Valley. I got tired of the heat after a few years and looked around for a job in the South Bay and I found the one I have now. No relationshipÖ" She paused and took a deep breath and continued, "ever with a woman. I have never had unprotected sex in my life, and I never take drugs so I am about as safe as you can get.Ö"

"Wait a minute, wait a minute. Back up the truck. Youíre saying youíre not a lesbian?"

"I didnít say that," Toni said a bit defensively. "I said I had never had a relationship with a woman. I didnít realize it was a requirement. ĎNo experience necessary. On the job training.í Everybody has to start somewhere, right?"

"Itís amazing how much space there is in my mouth; one foot already in there and still plenty of room for the other," Susan said candidly. "Of course everyone has to have a first. Itís just been a long time since I was oneÖa first, that is."

"Well, technically you wonít be the first. I did have one rather wild night with my college roommate. The next day she pretended nothing had happened, and within a week she had moved out. Funny thing is, I thought it was all her idea. And yes, I do know other lesbians, so donít think Iím just throwing myself at the first dyke I met. Itís justÖwell, none of the other lesbians I know made meÖcan I be blunt?"


"Made me wet just thinking about them. The first time you looked at me in team meeting and raised your eyebrow, I felt an electric jolt all the way across the room. And since that day Iíve had several very vivid erotic dreamsÖfeaturing you. I even signed up for this weekend on short notice because I knew you were going to be here. AndÖI paid Mr. Team Builder out of my own pocket to pair us up with each other."

Susan was flattered and more than a little embarrassed by the younger womanís confession. To inspire such feelings in someone and at the same time be completely unaware was disconcerting. "You...bribed him?" She almost laughed to think of what Colonel Klink must have made of that. "Toni, youíre feeding my ego something awful here. Weíre going to need another tent to hold my swelled head."

"I had other things in mind for your head," Toni said. "But first, since you started this, I want to know all there is to know about Susan. Tit for tat."

"Fair enough. Same questions?" Toni nodded. "OkÖIím a native Californian, lived in the South Bay all my life. Iím an alumnus of UCLA Ė go Bruins! And Iíve been on the payroll in the Small Appliances Division for eleven years. Oh, and Iím thirty-sixÖI forgot to ask you that one."

"Twenty-nine. Go on."

"Um, relationships. None with men, ever. Never felt even the least bit curious. Iíve had two of what I would consider Ďseriousí long-term relationships. The last one ended eight months ago." The anguished look on Susanís face made Toni wonder if she was still in love with her last lover. She was almost afraid to pursue it, but she needed to know.

"What happened?" she asked softly.

"IÖfound out that she was having an affair. Not just one indiscretion thai I might have been able to overlook, but a full-blown sneak-away-on-weekends-and-call-them-business-trips affair. Figured it was just a matter of time before she left me for her girlfriend, so I broke up with her first. End of story."

"I know I should say Iím sorry, but that would be a lie. I donít know what I would have done if I had found out you were in a committed relationship. Glad I donít have to find out."

"Me, too," Susan said. For several moments neither of them said anything. The only sound to be heard was the steady drumming of rain on their tent. Susan finally broke the silence. "I want to kiss you," she whispered.

"I hoped you would," Toni breathed into the space between their lips. Susanís lips touched hers a moment later, soft on soft. Tentatively she ran her tongue along Toniís lower lip, and when Toni obliged by parting her lips, Susanís tongue took advantage and tasted the inside of Toniís mouth. Toni made a mewling sound that changed into a low growl as Susan continued her exploration of her mouth. While they were talking Susan was lying beside Toni with her head propped up on her elbow. Now as they kissed she worked her way over until she was lying fully on top of her. Toni encircled her shoulders with her arms and her fingers found the catch on Susanís bra. Deftly she unfastened it, and while Susan lifted first one arm and then the other she pulled the flimsy garment off, freeing her full breasts.

"Sit up a little," Susan commanded, and Toni complied. Susan unclasped the hooks of Toniís bra and removed it in one motion, and Toni lay back down. Susan stayed with her, her larger breasts completely covering Toniís smaller ones. She could feel Toniís nipples hardening against her own, and it caused a shiver of anticipation to crawl from her breasts to the cleft between her legs.

Toni saw the gooseflesh rise on Susanís arms. "Cold?" she asked.

"Not even a little," Susan replied, kissing her way along the edge of Toniís chin to her ear. She sucked the earlobe into her mouth and lightly nibbled on it. She ran her tongue along the ridges of her ear, and Toni could hear her rapid breathing. Susan gave the same attention to the other ear and then kissed Toniís mouth again. Her hand worked its way between their bodies and she hooked her fingers under the waistband of Toniís panties. She tugged them down as far as she could without breaking off the kiss and when she could go no farther she reluctantly pulled away from Toniís inviting mouth and slid the panties the rest of the way off. She was about to resume her exploration of Toniís oral cavity when she felt the smaller womanís hands grip her shoulders.

"Take off yours too," Toni implored. "I want to feel your skin against mine, not clothes." Susan nodded and rolled onto her back. Toni had already unfastened her shorts so she only had to pull down the zipper and slide them off. Her panties followed in short order, then her boots and socks. She raised herself up on her knees and turned back toward Toni, who gasped at the magnificent lines and angles of Susanís body. "Youíre so beautiful," Toni breathed. "I could just look at you for hours."

Susan raised one knee and insinuated it between Toniís legs, sandwiching the left leg between hers. "Really?" she teased. "I donít think you could look without touching for minutes, let alone hours."

Toni chuckled. "How do you know me so well already?" She reached up to rub her hands up and down the outside of Susanís thighs and then tugged so that Susan collapsed forward on top of her, catching herself by putting her hands on each side of Toniís head. Susan pushed her thigh farther up between Toniís thighs until she could feel the wetness at the apex of her legs.

"Because you remind me of me, thatís how. Are we going to chat all night long or make love?"

"We are definitely not going to chat," she answered, emphasizing her response by pressing her moist mound hard against Susanís thigh. Susan groaned and buried her face in the softness of Toniís breast. Her tongue sought and found the nipple and she teased it until it was hard as a stone. She grazed her teeth over the tip of it until she sensed that Toni couldnít take another moment of teasing, and then she sucked the small breast almost entirely into her mouth. She continued to suck as she began to knead the other breast, and after a few minutes she switched. The hand that was not occupied by Toniís breast began to explore the contours of Toniís body, fingering the rib cage, the taut abdominal muscles, and finally the smooth skin of her thighs. Susanís fingers being so near to the spot that craved attention so badly caused Toni to twitch convulsively.

"Are you all right?" Susan asked around the flesh of Toniís breast, unwilling to let go.

"Not yet, but I sure plan to be," Toni replied. Susan was eager to taste the hot center of this exotic woman. She reluctantly abandoned Toniís soft breasts and began to kiss her way down the path her hands had taken, her tongue leaving a glistening trail on the rich brown skin. There was not enough room for her to lay full length with her face between Toniís legs, so she turned around so that she was lying on her stomach beside Toni, her legs, bent at the knees, were up in the air. She wrapped one arm around one of Toniís thighs, and her other arm draped over the other thigh so that her fingers met where the damp curls covered the lush mound. She parted the hair with her fingers and pushed her tongue inside the soft flaps of skin.

Toniís one night in college had in no way prepared her for the intensity of this moment. Her entire being seemed to have narrowed down until every nerve and cell was focused on the area between her legs. Unaware of the magnitude of the feelings she was creating, Susan lapped at the warm slit until she felt it was wet and open enough to accommodate her finger. After stroking it in and out for a few minutes she insinuated a second finger.

Toni wanted to feel for herself the kind of pleasure that Susan was drawing from her body. She caressed the globes of Susanís ass and felt the muscles twitch at her touch. She trailed her fingers down the crease that led to the thatch of hair she sought, but the angle was too awkward for her to do much more than touch the outer lips. Frustrated, she commanded in a husky voice, "Come up here. I want to taste you." Susan breathed a sigh that Toni could feel on the sensitive folds of her labia. She did as she was asked, first raising her body to straddle Toniís, and then lowering herself until she was within reach of Toniís hands and mouth. Toni parted the hair with her tongue and found a wellspring of warm wetness that coated her cheeks and chin. She explored the folds of skin and found the tiny bud that needed only her loving attention to bloom. She played her tongue back and forth over the nub until it began to harden and then moved away, unwilling to shorten her pleasure by making Susan come too soon. Instead she thrust her tongue inside Susan as deeply as she could reach, feeling the smooth inner walls of her vagina. Alternating between Susanís clit and her vagina, Toni brought her to the edge of orgasm and kept her there.

Susan was riding a roller coaster of feelings and emotions. It had been so long since she had had sex that she had to consciously hold herself back from coming until she could feel Toni reaching for her climax as well. Toniís sensitive nub was enlarged to the point that Susan could draw it into her mouth, and she teased her tongue across the tip of it. Toniís hips began to buck and her grasp on Susanís ass tightened. Susan increased the motion of her tongue and Toni did the same until both women exploded with shuddering orgasms within moments of each other. Waves of pleasure lapped over them until they felt they couldnít take another touch to the sensitive areas between their legs, but both women were reluctant to end the moment. Unable to comfortably hold herself aloft any longer, Susan finally gave in to the pressures of gravity and toppled over onto her side. Toni was not ready to let the closeness go so she rolled over on top of Susan. She pressed her lips to Susanís and could taste her own juices there. It made her want to bury her face once again between Susanís legs, but she wanted first to feast on her lush breasts, which she had not been able to reach before. Kneading the ripe globes with her hands she lowered her face until she was enveloped between them. She played her tongue across the surface of one and then the other and then worked her way to the nipple and drew it into her mouth.

"You are insatiable, woman," Susan moaned when she was able to catch her breath.

"Thatís your fault," Toni murmured around the nipple she was sucking. "If you aim to please, honey you are the Annie Oakley of lovers." Susan chuckled. When she was a kid she always wanted to be the stunt shooter when she and her friends played Wild West games. "Whatís funny?" Toni asked.

"Remind me one day while weíre sitting in front of the fire gloriously sated after making love for hours to tell you about me and Annie Oakley." Toni mused that the prospect of spending future nights in the company of this sexy woman kindled a fire that no fireplace could contain.

"Youíve got a deal, partner," the brown-skinned woman replied.

"Ah, teamwork," Susan said with a laugh.


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