The Movie Star
by Vada Foster

Maybe she DID fall down the cliff

© 2000 Vada Foster


The oscillating fan spun feebly, pushing the heat from one corner of the room to the other without ever quite touching it. Christine sprawled on the cream colored sofa with an unopened bottle of drinking water that she rolled across her forehead every few minutes to try to mitigate the unrelenting heat. She had tried putting a damp washcloth on her head, but within minutes it had warmed to the point where it was almost as uncomfortable as having nothing at all. The hottest day of the year was most definitely not the day she would have chosen to have her air conditioner bite the dust.

With a groan, she dragged herself off the sofa and through the expansive, lavishly furnished living room, into her massive kitchen. She opened the refrigerator door and stood there for a few minutes letting the cool air waft over her. Not wishing to cause the contents of the fridge to spoil, she finally closed it and went to the sink, where she filled her hands with cool water and splashed it over her face and arms. The water felt delicious, and she thought about filling the bathtub with ice and climbing in. Then she glanced out her window to the Pacific Ocean only a few hundred yards away, and slapped her head. She didnít need ice; that water would be very cool, and was hers for the asking on her private beach.

"Ohhh, yeah," she said aloud to nobody. "Just the ticket." She began disrobing as she made her way to her bedroom, tossing the clothes in a heap on the chair. The maid would get them the next day, she rationalized. And once she had decided to take a dip in the ocean, nothing was going to slow her down. She grabbed a very skimpy two piece suit out of a drawer and pulled the bottom part up over her smooth, tanned legs until it fell into place over a small portion of her perfectly rounded cheeks. The tanning bed in her gym insured that she would be uniformly brown all year round, and the Nautilus equipment provided the figure that left countless men and women drooling whenever her body was exposed to their view on the silver screen. Her home contained everything she could possibly want to maintain the image that she had worked so hard to achieve except, at this particular time, a functioning air conditioner.

After donning the top of her suit, which was little more than two tiny triangles attached to a bunch of strings, she grabbed one of the large towels from her bathroom cupboard. She made her way once again to the kitchen, where she took a fresh bottle of Evian water from the fridge. She tossed everything in a mesh bag and added the latest Melissa Good novel she was reading, and her sunglasses. Disabling the security system, she stepped out onto the wooden deck and immediately jumped back into the house. The wood scorched her bare feet before she could take two steps. Grumbling, she dropped the mesh bag by the door and went back to her room, fishing her sandals out of the closet.

She made her way carefully down the wooden ladder that led to the beach quite a few feet below the level of her yard. To the south a sheer granite cliff ensured her privacy, and on the north, a wooden fence eight feet high ran from her backyard all the way to the jumble of rocks on the beach that separated her private beach from the one next door. In all her years in this house, she had only seen people on that beach two or three times, and she was reasonably certain they were not the neighbors themselves, but caretakers making use of the beach. She might have known if she bothered to get to know the neighbors, but in this very expensive area it was rare to even know them by sight, let alone to talk with. Thus it came as something of a shock when she reached the lower level of the stairs and saw a young woman lying on a towelÖon her stretch of beach.

Christine stopped and stared, unable to fathom how someone had managed to gain access to her private beach. She took the last few steps down the stairs and then stopped again and let her eyes truly take in the woman on the beach. The woman was lying on her stomach with her arms stretched up by her head. The muscles in those arms were clearly visible even from a distance, and, Christine noted, so were the calf and thigh muscles. The intruderís hair was a natural blonde with streaks that appeared to have truly been made by the sun, and she wore only the bottom half of a very small bikini. It appeared that she had shifted recently, as a very small white area on her left cheek was exposed, revealing a tan line that made Christineís own body almost pale by comparison.

The actress knew she should stop staring and go evict this trespasser from her property, but she could not seem to drag her eyes away from the curves and lines that made up the young womanís body. She could not see her face, but she imagined it must be as exquisite as the rest of the package. She snorted to think how hard she worked to try to maintain a body that did not seem half as nice as did the one of the woman on the beach. Her resentment of this unknown person for simply looking as she did was enough to propel her off the stairs and down the beach.

Christine stopped a few feet away and dropped her mesh bag in the sand. The sound, as well as the shadow that Christineís body cast over the intruder, caused the young woman to look up. At first she could not see clearly - Christine had the sun behind her, and it haloed her entire body, leaving her face a dark blur. She shaded her eyes and gradually the features of the woman standing above her began to materialize. Her mouth dropped open and she blinked a few times, unable to believe she was truly seeing Christine Westlake, movie star.

"This is a private beach. Would you mind telling me just what you think youíre doing here?"

That gravely voice belonged to Christine Westlake, all right. No mistaking it. Kim sprung up from her towel, forgetting that she was not wearing a bikini top. She considered crossing her arms to hide her near nudity, but it seemed pointless. The top the movie star was wearing revealed almost as much of her own breasts. "I was just sunbathing," she replied, working hard to control the quaver in her voice. She could not help but notice that Christineís eyes had not left her breasts for several seconds, and the look on that famous face was one of pure lust. Kim had never dared to hope that the rumors about Christine being a lesbian were true, but if that look was any indication, she was every bit as gay as Kim was.

"I can see that," Christine growled, " but how in hell did you get here? I could call the cops and have you arrested."

"I climbed down the cliff," she replied casually, pointing unnecessarily to the sheer rock cliff to the south. Christine turned and looked at the face of rock that did not look like anything a human being could possibly climb. She looked skeptically at the young trespasser and was about to make a comment, when Kim continued. "Iím a rock climber. Your cliff is about the best one around for climbing. Iíve been coming down here about three times a week all summer. I live in the Golden Strand condominium complex about two miles north of here. I jog over, climb down, and then relax on the beach for an hour or so before climbing up and jogging home again. Iíve never seen anyone on the beach, or I wouldnít have made myself at home."


A rock climber. That would explain the strong arms and legs, Christine thought. And possibly the non-existent fingernails, although there were certainly other reasons for maintaining short fingernails. She smiled in spite of herself, and Kim noticed before Christine could put her angry face back on again.

"Well youíll have to stop doing that. I hate to think of the lawsuit if you should fall and break an arm or legÖor worse." Not to mention it would be a crime to harm a hair of that wonderful body, she mused.

Kim simply nodded and reached down to gather up her beach towel. She rolled it up in a tight cylinder and started walking to where she had left her clothes and climbing gear at the base of the cliff. Christine watched as the younger woman began to cover her delicious body with clothes, and then realized she did not want to see her go.

"Wait," she said, and Kim turned to see what she wanted. Christine strolled to where Kim sat on the beach, pulling on a sock. Abandoning all thoughts of shoes and socks, Kim smiled as she watched the movie star approach. Her motions were like music, floating smoothly across the sand. Yep, that body had been the inspiration for many a fantasy on those occasions when she had no lover to share her bed. Like now. Kim could feel herself getting wet just watching her walk. And when Christine stopped in front of her and raised her eyebrow and smiled, Kim was reasonably certain she was either dreaming, or had died and gone to heaven. Maybe she did fall down the cliff and break her neck. Yeah, that could be it. But Christine looked so real, sounded so real. "I was just about to go for a swim," Christineís voice brought her back to the moment. "Iím not much of a swimmer, so I wondered if you might want toÖgo in the water with me. Iíd feel much safer."

"UhÖ.sure," Kim managed to croak. "I shouldÖput on the rest of my bathing suit first." She started to dig around in the rolled up towel for the bathing suit top she had abandoned earlier.

"You donít need it", Christine purred. "Nobody will see you in the water. Be comfortable." Kim was about to say that when she stood at the top of the cliff, preparing to climb down, she had a clear view of the water, as well as the beach. Then she shrugged and tossed the bathing suit top onto a heap with her climbing boots and khaki shorts. She really was more comfortable without the top on.

"Okay, letsÖswim." Christine reached around to grasp the ties on her flimsy bikini top.

"Iím afraid Iíll lose this in the water," she explained, dropping the minuscule garment beside Kimís clothes.

Kimís heart, which had been pounding against her ribcage like a kitten in a cage, now more closely resembled a caged lion. She knew she was staring at the movie starís body and that she should not, but she could not seem to drag her eyes away. She felt a flush spread over her cheeks, and she finally lowered her gaze, embarrassed to be so obvious about her desire. She heard Christine chuckle; the woman clearly was enjoying watching her fidget.

"I think itís only right we introduce ourselves since we seem destined to beÖfriends," Christine said, extending her hand. Kim placed her own callused hand in Christineís, and feeling the softness there, wished that Ė just for the moment Ė she was not a rock climber. "Iím Christine Westlake."

Kim laughed and Christine looked at her quizzically. "Iíd have to have just flown in from Mars not to know who you are. Iím Kim Brooks. Part time rock climber, part time aerobics instructor, and full time fan of yours."

Christine narrowed her eyes and studied Kimís face as she asked, "Is that why youíve been using my beach? Just trying to get to me?"

"No, no, not at all. I really had no idea whose beach this was. I just liked your cliff. Honestly."

Satisfied that the young woman was sincere, Christine smiled and said, "Okay, Kim Brooks, letís get wet. Oh, and you can call me Chris. All my friends do."

"Thanks, Chris. Race you to the water!" Kim took off running before the words were even out of her mouth, and Chris yelled something about not being fair even as she began sprinting after Kim.

Chrisí legs were longer than Kimís were, and they reached the water at almost the same time. Both dove headfirst into a wave and came up on the other side within inches of each other, the motion of the water causing their nipples to actually brush together. Kim felt a chill run the length of her body that she knew had nothing to do with the coolness of the water. Her nipples had immediately responded to the feather light touch from the movie starís breasts and were pointing out sharply from her breasts.

Chris saw a look pass over Kimís face as their bodies touched, and she glanced down to see the rock climberís erect nipples. Her mouth fairly watered just thinking about pulling those tantalizing pellets into her mouth and rolling them around on her tongue. "Looks like your little soldiers are standing at attention," she smiled and inclined her head toward Kimís breasts.

"Yours arenít exactly at parade rest," Kim responded with a grin, and Chris looked down to see that hers were indeed erect.

"You got me there," Chris said with a laugh. "And what are we going to do about all of these military personnel?"

"This," Kim whispered, dropping to her knees in the water, her mouth almost on a perfect level with Chrisí breasts. She wrapped her arms around Chrisí thighs to anchor herself close to the movie star, and brushed her lips lightly over the points of the tantalizing mounds in front of her. She breathed on the damp skin and watched it pucker. Goose flesh raised up on her own breasts and arms in response to the obvious effect she was having on Chris. Finally, she parted her lips and pushed just the tip of her tongue out to touch the tip of Chrisí breast, and then lightly circled the aureole, tasting salt and excitement in equal parts.

Chris drew in several tiny breaths in succession, and then expelled it all with a sigh. It had been months since she had been with a woman, since before she had gone to New Zealand on location. She knew Kim would probably not believe that she did not have a different woman in her bed every night, but she truly almost never took advantage of the steady stream of volunteers who made it obvious they would be available to her any time she wanted them. But there was something about Kim; almost from the first moment she had seen her on the beach, she knew she wanted to make love with her.

Kim raised her hands to cup the rounded mounds of Chrisí bottom and pulled the movie star closer to her, to gain full access to her breasts. She opened her mouth and sucked in one delicious breast, her tongue flicking over the nipple and then circling it even as she sucked. Chris moaned when she released the soft flesh and then gasped again when she took the other one in her mouth. Kimís fingers played up and down Chrisí back and then returned to the soft inviting globes that were barely covered by the bikini. She teased her fingers under the edge of the garment and could feel the wet hair underneath.

"Ohhh," Chris moaned, spreading her legs in the water both to keep her balance, and to give the woman before her greater access to her mound. Needing no second invitation, Kim pulled the fabric of the thong to one side, feeling the lips of Chrisí vulva as they were exposed to her exploring fingers. She ran her finger lightly inside the lips, traveling up one side of the opening and down the other. The wetness she found there was warmerÖ thickerÖwetter, than the water of the Pacific Ocean that cradled them. Kim touched the folds of skinÖ softly, lightly, not wanting to do too much too soon. She wanted this to last for a long, long time. She began to lick the skin between Chrisí breasts, her tongue working its way down the lithe tanned body until she came to the taut abdomen. Just as she was about to circle the navel with her tongue, a wave came and knocked her off balance. Since she still had a firm grip around Chrisí waist, the movie star toppled with her, both of them going under the wave. They came up a few moments later, sputtering and laughing.

"Maybe this is not such a good idea," Chris gasped between fits of laughter. She shook her head to fling off the salt water before it ran from her hair into her eyes. Kim was still wallowing in the water trying to regain her footing. Chris grasped her hand and righted her, and the two women balanced on their knees with the surf rocking them slowly.

"Maybe not, " Kim agreed, "but I donít want to let you go long enough to get out of the water." She leaned forward, touching Chrisí lips with her own for the first time. They were soft as melted butter, and Kimís tongue could not resist tasting them. She ran the tip of her tongue slowly around Chrisí mouth, gently asking that she open her mouth to allow her entrance. With a sigh, Chris did just that, and Kim took advantage, letting her tongue enter the movie starís mouth. She felt Chrisí tongue as it danced around her own, exploring, tasting, and memorizing.

Without allowing their lips to part, Kim wrapped her arms around Chris, pulling her close. Then she ran her hands down the sides of Chrisí body and grasping Chrisí legs just behind her knees, she pulled her legs apart. She spread her own legs in the same way to give them both a greater measure of stability. Once again Kim wrapped her arms around Chris, this time pulling the movie star close so that their mounds were touching through the almost non-existent fabric of their bathing suits. Chris moaned and leaned over so that the tips of their breasts also touched as the water eddied around their bodies. She took advantage of the closeness to lean over and kiss Kimís neck just below her ear, and she continued kissing and licking until she had made the trip to the other ear. Kim leaned her head back in open invitation, and Chris took full advantage. Cupping Kimís breasts in her hands, Chris brought first one and then the other to her mouth, laving each nipple with her tongue and sucking just the tip into her mouth. A wave caught her as she was preparing to shift once again to the breast on which she had first lavished her attention, and she was tossed toward the shore, leaving Kim on her knees in the surf, laughing.

"This is so not going to work," Chris grumbled as she got to her feet. She turned and looked at Kim, still on her knees a few feet away and the surge of desire that flowed through her made her almost collapse. "I like a water bed as much as the next woman, but this is nuts. Címon, letís go find something a little lessÖ" She searched for a word but could not find it.

"Moveable?" Kim supplied questioningly, holding out her hand to Chris to pull her to her feet.

"Itíll do," Chris answered, tugging her up and then making her way toward the shore with Kim firmly in tow. Picking up the mesh bag she had dropped on the beach, Chris started toward the house, but Kim veered off in the direction of the cliff. Chris looked at her questioningly.

"I know just the spot," Kim suggested. She led Chris to the base of the cliff, near where her boots and clothes had been abandoned, and pointed to a spot where the rock overhung the beach creating a small alcove. It was out of sight of anybody from either the cliff or the house next door, and was out of the sun. Kim grabbed her large beach towel and Chris dug around in her mesh bag and pulled out her towel as well. "Címon," Kim said grinning as she grabbed Chrisí hand and propelled her toward the spot she had chosen. "This whole area of beach is very visible from up there. I know. I always check to make sure itís deserted before I climb down."

"Seems like you know my backyard better than I do," Chris said with a laugh, as she spread her towel out in the shade of the rocky cliff.

"I want to know a lot more than your backyard..." Kim blushed to think how her words might be interpreted. "I meanÖ IÖ" Her words trailed off as she looked into Chrisí eyes and realized just exactly who it was she was about to make love with. Chris raised her eyebrow in the way that had made her famousÖat least in the crowd Kim called her friends. Kimís heart did the same double back flip it did the first time she saw Chrisí face. Embarrassed, Kim spread out her towel beside Chrisí and dropped to the ground, her face averted.

"I want that too," the movie star said softly. She tenderly touched Kimís face and turned it toward her. "I want to know every inch of you, inside and out," she dropped to her knees on the towel beside Kim so that their eyes were on the same level. Kim swallowed hard as she fell into the endless green of Chrisí eyes. "Top and bottom," Chris continued, her lips only a breath away from Kimís.

"Ohhh," Kim moaned against Chrisí incredibly soft lips. And then Chrisí tongue was there, lightly tasting Kimís lips. Kim parted her lips to allow Chris entry to her mouth, and the movie star gently explored Kimís mouth and tongue. Chris moved her body so that she was lying full out beside the rock climber, and where their bodies touched, a mountain range of chill bumps erupted on both bodies. Kim shivered and reached over to pull the taller woman on top of her body as if she were a blanket. The entire move was accomplished without breaking the kiss.

Kim could feel Chrisí mound just above her own, the heat searing her, igniting a fire within her. She parted her legs and felt Chrisí thigh against her center, rubbing against the thin material that still separated the two women. "I wantÖfeel your skinÖ" Kim gasped when Chris broke off the kiss and began to trail kisses down her neck.

Chris licked the little cup at the base of Kimís neck and tasted salt water. Kissing up the other side of her neck, she whispered, "Not yet. I want you to be crazy for me before I take that off."

Kim trapped Chrisí leg between thighs that had the strength of a rock climber, and she grasped Chrisí shoulders and deftly flipped them over so that she was on top. "Two can play that game, darlin.í And I am crazy for you. See for yourself." She gently took Chrisí hand and guided it to the cleft in her legs. Nudging the fabric of her bikini aside, she urged Chris to touch the folds of skin. At the merest touch, the flower opened up to her fingers, and indeed, Kim was so wet that Chrisí fingers were immediately moist all the way to her hand. Chris moaned in anticipation of tasting all the wetness her fingers encountered.

"You win," Chris said with a grin. "Take Ďem offÖ"

"Not just mine," Kim whispered, kissing the corners of Chrisí mouth, and running her tongue over Chrisí soft lips.

"NoÖbothÖtake mine off too. Please." Chris punctuated the last word by grinding her mound into Kimís.

"Yessss," Kim hissed, her mouth still lingering against the now parted lips of the movie star. She rolled off Chris and onto her side, and reached down to grasp the top of her bathing suit, dragging it quickly over her hips and tossing it aside. She then took hold of Chrisí suit, and began to tug. Chris obliged by raising her bottom off the towel until the suit had been peeled down to her thighs, and then she raised her legs up so that Kim would not have to reach so far to remove the tiny garment.

The first thing Kim noticed was that Chris had no tan line whatsoever. Her tanned washboard abs melted right into the pale brown hair that barely covered her mound. Clearly the movie star had recently had a bikini wax as there was just the smallest bit of hair to mask the treat that Kim knew she would soon be sampling first hand. Kim brushed her hand lightly over Chrisí skin, from the top of her shoulder down to the tiny triangle of hair. Her fingers touched the curls and felt the moist warmth that was not due to a recent dip in the ocean. "OhÖyou are so incredibly softÖexciting," she murmured, her lips now pressed against the base of Chrisí neck. "I want to please youÖtaste youÖmelt into you." She kissed the underside of Chrisí chin and then rose higher on her elbow to reach her lips. She could feel a sigh escape from the movie star just as their lips met, and she knew without a doubt that the woman of her dreams wanted that every bit as much as she did. That realization once again caused the muscles of her stomach to clench, and the wetness from her center now flowed down her thigh. She didnít know if she could survive such an intense moment, but if she did not, her life would not have been forfeit in vain.

Kim rolled on top of Chris, her nipples hard as pebbles at the slightest encounter with the movie starís breasts. Chrisí arms wrapped around her middle, and her hands began to gently knead Kimís taut cheeks. Chrisí legs parted so that Kimís thigh was between her own, their mounds touching, creating an electrical charge that caused them both to moan and writhe against each other.

Kim slid her body down until her mouth was poised above Chrisí breast. She ran her tongue over the end to moisten it, and then softly blew on the damp skin, watching as it gathered into a tiny point covered with lines that resembled the desert after a flash flood. She drew the nipple into her mouth and ran her tongue around and around it. The very tips of her teeth teased at the hardened flesh, and then she sucked as much of Chrisí breast into her mouth as she could, nursing as she kneaded her other breast with her hand.

Chrisí head began to roll from side to side, and she thrust her mound against the hard muscle of Kimís thigh. The strength of the woman amazed herÖand excited her beyond anything she had experienced before. She put her hands on Kimís shoulders and gently pushed her down, no longer able to wait to feel the rock climberís hands and mouth in the place that now screamed for attention.

Not to be hurried, Kim moved slowly down Chrisí body, tasting the salt beneath her breasts, running her tongue along the curve of her ribcage, kissing the taut yet soft flesh on her abdomen. When finally she felt the hair tickling the bottom of her chin, she put her hands on the inside of Chrisí thighs and gently pushed them apart to allow her full access to the movie star. Moisture glistened on the coral colored lips and trickled down to pool on the towel beneath Chris, and Kim knew she did not want to waste any more of that glorious nectar. She licked the crease between Chrisís thigh and her mound, then brushed her lips so softly over the hair that Chris could feel only a breath, as she moved to the other side to run her tongue up that crease as well.

"Oh, pleaseÖ" Chris moaned, her fingers clutching and releasing Kimís shoulders as she teased her by keeping her tongue just out of reach of Chrisí thrusting hips.

That was what Kim had been waiting for. She parted the hairs with her fingers, exposing the nether lips to her view. She brushed her lips slowly over the quivering flesh, and then teased her tongue between the folds. Dropping her hands to Chrisí thighs, she reached beneath them and wrapped her arms firmly around them. This gave her control over the movie starís movements, and opened up her hot center to Kimís questing mouth.

Kim was in no hurry to bring Chris to release. She teased with her tongue until it seemed as if Chris were on the verge of coming, and then moved away from the sensitive nub. She had sucked on her clit until it was as large as her nipple had been, and every movement from her talented mouth made the movie star strain even harder against her. Chrisí head was tossing back and forth and her moans urged Kim to pick up her pace and stop teasing. She removed her right arm from around Chrisí thigh, and in one quick movement thrust two fingers inside of her lover, never missing a beat with her tongue.

"Oh! Oh! IÖ oh Kim, please, I needÖ." Even as she spoke, her hips were rising off the ground, and the rock climber stayed with her, her hand and tongue a blur. "Yes, thatís it, yesssss!" Chris orgasm turned her inside out with its intensity, and then continued to rock her for several moments. When at last she could take no more, she dropped back to the ground; Kim still clinging to her as tenaciously as she must cling to the sides of the rocks she climbed.

Kim stayed where she was, feeling Chrisí pulse racing and the muscles of her vagina still holding firmly to her fingers. She softly lapped at the folds of skin to get the last of the nectar from it, until Chrisí hand touched the top of her head. She looked up from her favorite task to see a smile playing at the corners of Chrisí mouth.

"Come up here, you," Chris said softly. "I want to feel you on top of me again. And when I catch my breath, I am going to make the most beautiful love to you until you beg me to stop."

Kim crawled up Chrisí body as she asked, and once again they were lying breast to breast, mound to mound. Sweat from Kimís exertion dripped from her body onto Chrisí, and from Chris onto the towel under her body.

Chris kissed Kim on the lips, tasting herself there, making her long to taste Kimís own sweetness. "Tell me something," she whispered softly as she kissed Kimís cheek.

"Anything," Kim said huskily.

"Do you have air conditioning in that place where you live?"

The end

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