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The Sea Captain and the Lady

by Vada Foster

The epidemic that swept through England spared young Colleen Edwards but took the lives of her mother and brother. When her father, Captain Charles Edwards, sails home to England, Colleen assumes the identity of her deceased sibling, enabling her to join her father as part of his crew aboard the Betsy Ann. Thus begins Colleen’s raucous life on the high seas. Lady Abigail Hume is the young widowed daughter of the newly appointed governor of the Bahamas. Her new life on this tropical island is anything but paradise, as she rejects the never-ending line of suitors until one day by chance she meets the enigmatic but charming Colleen. Unfortunately, the two have little time to explore their newfound love. Kidnapping and piracy ensues on the small island. Colleen suddenly finds herself captain of the Betsy Ann and must fight for her love as she battles the notorious pirate Jack Rackham, who is in league with the likes of Mary Read and Anne Bonny. Join the adventures of The Sea Captain and the Lady as they battle for love on the high seas.

With B.L. Miller


The Western Chronicles

by B. L. Miller & Vada Foster

At the center of this story are two women; one a deadly gunslinger bitter from the injustices of her past, the other a gentle dreamer trying to escape the horrors of the present. Their destinies come together one fateful afternoon when the feared outlaw makes the choice to rescue a young woman in trouble. For her part, Josie Hunter considers the brief encounter at an end once the girl is safe, but Rebecca Cameron has other ideas....



Romance For LIFE

Lori L. Lake & Tara Young, Eds.

A collection of 25 love stories from your favorite lesbian authors benefiting breast cancer research.

The proceeds from Romance for LIFE will be donated, in the authors’ collective names, to The National Breast Cancer Foundation and to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Contributing Authors: Robin Alexander, Lynn Ames, Bridget Bufford, Carrie Carr, Caro Clarke, Stella Duffy, Nann Dunne, Jane Fletcher, Vada Foster, Verda Foster, Jennifer Fulton, Gabrielle Goldsby, Melissa Good, Lois C. Hart, Ellen Hawley, Karin Kallmaker, Lori L. Lake, Lee Lynch, Marianne K. Martin, Val McDermid, Radclyffe, Elizabeth Sims, Jean Stewart, Ida Swearingen, and Jane Vollbrecht, with Foreword by Kathy L. Smith.

Telltale Kisses

by Stephanie Solomon-Lopez

Since 1973, Rockwood Junior Baseball has enriched local children's lives by providing the positive experiences of teamwork, personal achievement and excellence through participation in organized sports. Unfortunately, that changed last September, when the league president was charged with embezzling team funds, leaving RJB burdened with debts and without much-needed equipment.

Due to this extreme misfortune, it seemed as if the two hundred and fifty to three hundred children of the RJB league would be unable to play this year. Stephanie Solomon-Lopez, one of the parents angered and disappointed by the situation, has decided to do something to raise money, and help the league recover from its financial woes.

Telltale Kisses (ISBN 1-933113-27-X, $18.50 edited by Stephanie Solomon-Lopez and Medora MacDougall) is an anthology of twenty lesbian romance stories, written by popular writers who have volunteered their talents to assist a childrens sports program in need. Ranging from sizzling hot to achingly sweet, from historical mystery to contemporary erotica, Telltale Kisses features offerings from new and familiar authors in a fabulous line-up: Nene Adams, Lynn Ames, Blayne Cooper, Linda Crist, Vada Foster, Sloane Grayson, Seana James, Tara Kerry, K.G. MacGregor, S.X. Meagher, T. Novan, Mykel Taylor O'Connor, Kim Pritekel, D. Jordan Redhawk, Patty Schramm, Miss Violet Spender, Ali Vali, D.I. von Alacalandra, Pat Winterburn and Lara Zielinsky coming together for the first time in a single volume to benefit RJB.

Published by Bookends Press, and distributed by StarCrossed Productions, Inc. (http://www.scp-inc.biz/), every copy of Telltale Kisses sold will not only provide a unique literary experience, but also aid Rockwood Junior Baseball in its recovery from this devastating financial loss. Purchase your copy today, and help the children play!



Hot, edgy, beyond-the-envelope erotica from over thirty of the best lesbian authors writing today. This no-holds barred, tell it like you wish it could be collection is guaranteed to rocket your senses into overload and ratchet your body up to high-burn. This is NOT a book to be read in one sitting—savor, simmer, and let yourself be seduced by these Infinite Pleasures from Ali Vali, C Paradee, Cate Swannell, CN Winters, DS Bauden, Gabrielle Goldsby, Georgia Beers, JP Mercer, Jean Stewart, Jennifer Fulton, Jessica Casavant, K Darblyne, K Stoley, Karin Kallmaker, Katlyn, Kelly Zarembski, KG MacGregor, Leslea Newman, Lois Cloarec Hart, Lynn Ames, NM Hill, Nann Dunne, Radclyffe, S. Anne Gardner, Sarah Bradbury, Stacia Seaman, SX Meagher, Therese Szymanski, Trish Kocialski, Trish Shields, Vada Foster, and Verda Foster.

Blue Collar Lesbian Erotica is a collection of stories about the average lesbian in hot, steamy encounters in not-so-average places. Santa and her elf, a tryst in an oil mechanics pit, or what nuns really do in the convent, this anthology goes outside the norm.

Several talented authors have joined together for this collection of erotica including Karin Kallmaker, Radclyffe, Ali Vali, Kate Sweeney, Verda Foster, Vada Foster, Trish Sheilds, Nann Dunne, Sammo, Cheri Crystal, Pat Cronin, Georgia Beers, Anne J. Kingsley, MJ Williamz, Kathy Smith, and Victoria Oldham.