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The Sea Captain and the Lady

by Vada Foster

ISBN: 978-1933113-89-0

Price: $TBA

Release Date: May 2008

The epidemic that swept through England spared young Colleen Edwards but took the lives of her mother and brother. When her father, Captain Charles Edwards, sails home to England, Colleen assumes the identity of her deceased sibling, enabling her to join her father as part of his crew aboard the Betsy Ann. Thus begins Colleen’s raucous life on the high seas. Lady Abigail Hume is the young widowed daughter of the newly appointed governor of the Bahamas. Her new life on this tropical island is anything but paradise, as she rejects the never-ending line of suitors until one day by chance she meets the enigmatic but charming Colleen. Unfortunately, the two have little time to explore their newfound love. Kidnapping and piracy ensues on the small island. Colleen suddenly finds herself captain of the Betsy Ann and must fight for her love as she battles the notorious pirate Jack Rackham, who is in league with the likes of Mary Read and Anne Bonny. Join the adventures of The Sea Captain and the Lady as they battle for love on the high seas.